Attending the wedding function of a friend is the best part of one’s life. Weddings season is not only about attending but you also need to give a beautiful gift to the couple. Bouquets are the best thing to be gifted at a wedding. You can make simple DIY wedding bouquets with the help of a simple DIY. You can use fabrics, brooches, and other decorative materials to make a unique wedding bouquet.

Here are a few great ideas how to make a DIY wedding bouquet.

Paper flowers

You can make a paper flower bouquet with the help of beautiful coloured papers or you can colour the paper on your own.

Brooch bouquet

You can use beautiful pearls brooches for making a flower bouquet. You can use a simple DIY to make a bouquet by collecting coloured pearls brooch.


Crochet flowers

You can use crocheted flowers with various wools and add pearls to them. There are many DIY available for making a crochet flower bouquet.

Feather bouquet

White feathers can be used for making bouquets. Smooth and soft feathers will help you to make a unique flower bouquet.

Fabric bouquet

Bouquet can be made with attractive fabrics like net, cosmetics, and many more. The shiny clothes can be used to make an attractive bouquet.

Cotton bouquet

The soft bouquet can be made with cotton balls, of various colours. It can be decorated with other features and brooches.

Book page bouquet

You can make a bouquet with the page of books. It will look marvellous and will give a stunning look to a bouquet.

While making a bouquet always keep in mind that you choose seasonal flowers for it. So that you easily get it from the market.